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Re: Music 1 integration

Posted: 22 Feb 2013 11:32
by TheoOrl45

I will create you the screenshot tonight, when I go home from work.

The GUID should be corrects because those are from ProppFrexx itself. Here is my actions :
- Use of the MassTagger to open mp3 files, change values and save cue-points into a .pfmd files.
- Drag and drop them into the "track list" tab and use "export" function. I use a custom proppfrexx.exportFormats because the music1 v7 one is not fully compatible at the moment (Neil, music1 developer will contact you, as Steve Warren said to me...).
- I import this export file into Music1, using a custom import settings. ProppFrexx GUID is correct within the music1 CART field. The full filename path is correct into the music1 FILE field (only use for pre-listen in Music1).
- I generate logs for 1 day using the automation settings set to "ProppFrexx".
>> The log is in attachment of my previous post.
- I import, like you explain it to me, the log into the program scheduler, only changing the dayformat to YYYYmmDD instead of the default one which had not worked (not remember what it was by default).
- The Read Log File button gave me a tree
>> I will send you screenshot tonight.
And program scheduler entry is there. Ready to launch.

where can I find the ".pfs" scripts you mentioned ? I found the .pfp files, such as I let you know in my previous post, but what about the ".pfs" ? Into which directory is it ?


Re: Music 1 integration

Posted: 22 Feb 2013 12:21
by radio42
Drag and drop them into the "track list" tab and use "export" function...
I guess you mean the "Trackboard" within the ProppFrexx Meta Data Editor?!
If so, note, that you should NOT export them in this way to Music1!
You should ONLY export media libraries defined within ProppFrexx ONAIR to Music1!
Why? Here is the explanation:
The Music1 log-file import is done within ProppFrexx ONAIR.
As such (when using GUIDs as filenames) the import can only check those imported media entry GUIDs against 'known' media entries.
And media entries are ONLY 'know' to ProppFrexx ONAIR, if they are contained in a media library!

As such simply, exporting files from within the ProppFrexx Meta Data Editor wouldn't work this way - as ProppFrexx ONAIR doesn't know anything about those exported media entries!
Except you explicitly also add those media entries from the ProppFrexx Meta Data Editor to a media library which is also defined, used and reloaded within ProppFrexx ONAIR!

only changing the dayformat to YYYYmmDD instead of the default one
I suspect, that the format you are using is not correct!
You said: YYYYmmDD
Shouldn't it be: YYYYMMDD

Use the following placeholders to identify the date components:
yyyy or YYYY: 4-digit year
yy or YY: 2-digit year
MM: 2-digit month
dd or DD: 2-digit day
HH: 24-hour digits
mm: minutes

So in you case you are using minutes - I guess it should be month?!
So change the format to YYYYMMDD!

I guess this the error you saw in your above post - Music 1 ProppFrexx [Import] [NOT FOUND!] Soft
When the scheduler wants to start the program, it couldn't find the related script, since it assumed a month and not a minute!

where can I find the ".pfs" scripts you mentioned
That depends on your settings, by default it is saved within the ProppFrexx AppUserData folder in the "scripts" sub-directory.
However, you can check that yourself:
- open the program editor for the entry, which was created by the import (just double-click on it within the Program Scheduler)
- Now you see the script which is used within the editor and you can click on 'Edit' to see all its entries and the effective location

Re: Music 1 integration

Posted: 22 Feb 2013 13:48
by TheoOrl45
Yes, it's "trackboard" I use.
Thank you for the explanation, I will change my song management :-)

For the format "YYYYmmDD", I wrote this morning from my memory. It's possible that it was YYYYMMDD in reality... I don't remember very well. I will check tonight (or this week-end).

For script, I will see if I find it.

Thank for your answer : so many things to check. Hope it will work :-)

Re: Music 1 integration

Posted: 27 Feb 2013 00:10
by TheoOrl45
Hi Bernd,

After some tests, it seems there is a bug....

I put a zip file in attachment containing :
_synced_1.pfp = my _synced_.pfp file within my PXX_AUDIO_DATA folder (my songs library).
_synced_2.pfp = my _synced_.pfp file within my PXX_AUDIO_JINGLES folder (my station ids library). = my Music1 log, generated using proppfrexx export format.
P2013227_0000.pfp = the proppfrexx playlist file generated during import process.
(38.81 KiB) Downloaded 241 times
When importing within the scheduler, I put those parameters :
  • Import Format : Music1 Proppfrexx
    Import log-filename : the path where my is stored.
    Import Options : only "RenameLogFileWhenDone"
    SplitBy : Consecutive
    SpotBreaks : no change
    File Format : yyyyMMdd
After "Read Log file" button, all elements appear into the "import results" area. A green "check" in front of "Program : M1 @ 20130227_00 (720 entries) [1.1:00:05], and below, all the element, but without green "check". Hovering my mouse pointer onto the element, the tooltip seems to indicate that the file had not been found : no filename, no cue points... nothing.
screenshot_import.png (95.11 KiB) Viewed 5838 times
When I click to "Import", the pfp playlist is created but we see clearly that the location is not okay.
screenshot_scheduler.png (2.25 KiB) Viewed 5838 times
Could explain me where I'm wrong ? or if it exists a bug ?
I first thought there is a problem with the "_" and "@" symbol within the name of my audio folders. But as I removed them for testing, there had been no better results :-(


Re: Music 1 integration

Posted: 27 Feb 2013 10:08
by TheoOrl45
Yes Bernd, I check the GUID in the log file, compared with the ones within the _synced_.pfp files... The GUID seems to be correct... at first glance.


Re: Music 1 integration

Posted: 27 Feb 2013 19:02
by radio42
I'll take a deeper look into your provided sample data later...but at a first glance, it seems, that the GUID in the log file could not be resolved propperly to a filename.
I'll need to make some tests to see what might go wrong...

Re: Music 1 integration

Posted: 28 Feb 2013 11:58
by TheoOrl45
When do you think you can give me more help about this issue ?
Not aimed to speed you : it's just to schedule my future operations about this integration between proppfrexx and music1...

Re: Music 1 integration

Posted: 01 Mar 2013 13:35
by TheoOrl45
Great ! I'm waiting for this new version :-)

Thank you very much Bernd !

Re: Music 1 integration

Posted: 04 Mar 2013 20:52
by TheoOrl45
Any news ? :)

Re: Music 1 integration

Posted: 05 Mar 2013 20:34
by radio42
Should now be fixed in v3.0.11.36!