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Watch Audio

Posted: 15 May 2012 15:56
by hitradio71
Dear Bernd!

I have a server with is broadcasting directly from my proppfrexx instance to my streamimg isp. So my question. Both players stopped vor a longer time and i was not in the studio.
Did you have an idea how can i whatch the audio signal output to restart proppfrexx.....


Re: Watch Audio

Posted: 20 May 2012 21:01
by radio42
You might enable the 'Silence Detection' feature within ProppFrexx - in the general settings (section 'More Stuff').
Beside the standard 'Auto Play' option you might assign custom control-commands in the section 'Events/Commands' - 'Application.OnDetectSilence' resp. 'Application.OnDetectNoise'.

Note, that you must also check the option 'Enabe Silence Detection' in the relevant Mixer-Channel's configuration.
Meaning in the general settings you define the default settings for 'Silence Detection', like the silence threshold etc.
But in the Mixer-Channel configuration you effectively enable the silence detection for a particular mixer channel.
In you case you should enable that option for the mixer channel you are also using for streaming.

The default 'Auto Play' option should be sufficient.