scheduled playlist won't load

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scheduled playlist won't load

Post by moogwill » 30 May 2019 16:24

As in germany, nobody's working today in France. so our too live programs of the day was remotely voicetracked. Those 2 programms didn't load, I had to reboot PF to finally load the supposed planned playlist. There was an update I just did, last one was previously made 2 days ago. did this update solve the issue or not?


Note that the playlist was stuck on this morning playlist that was supposed to change At 1 PM, but a 4 pm that was stil this morning playlist running (but playing the correct overlays).

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Re: scheduled playlist won't load

Post by radio42 » 30 May 2019 17:47

This depends on the versions you upgraded.
But the answer is probably yes, if the previous version was between v4.0.5.33 and .36.
The latest v4.0.5.38 fixed those issues you described.

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