Library server possibilities

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Re: Library server possibilities

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The Media Library Server (MLS) hosts the link/reference to the physical audio tracks. When a client requests that link, the physical audio will be referenced and not downloaded! Ie. the client needs access to its physical location as well.
If now the client modifies the meta data (it is at this point only saved to its local playlist) but if it is now ALSO saved it to the physical audio file (Save to Meta Data TAGs), the MLS might rescan it’s media libs and thus also read in the new meta data.
As such, the changes are not immediately visible but only after a rescan within the MLS. That rescan can be scheduled or be automatically carried out when the ‘Auto Watch’ option is enabled on the lib on the MLS.
If the client can not access the audio files physically as referenced by the MLS, and it is downloaded to the client, than any modifications are not visible to the MLS at all.

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