Migrate to a new computer

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Migrate to a new computer

Post by Joche » 22 Feb 2015 19:25

I am migrating my ProppFrexx over to a new computer.
The problem is that it won't restore the backup files on the new computer. I only get a simple message saying "Restore failed" and thats that.
I really dont wanna re-do all my setup with mixers, midi-commands and all... Pleeeease help! :)
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Re: Migrate to a new computer

Post by radio42 » 22 Feb 2015 22:06

The backup and restore feature assumes, that you do it on the same computer using the exact same drives/volumes and paths.
Else it is not working!
But...the backup creates copies of the config and other folders in an uncompressed way.
As such you can still restore most files manually.

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