v4.0.0.7 - stable

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v4.0.0.7 - stable

Post by radio42 » 17 Aug 2015 22:18

Version is out!

What's New
  • Track Explorer TAG reading optimized
  • Playlist Eject/Replace handling optimized
  • Remote Voice-Tracking error handling optimized
  • Various smaller optimizations
  • Other smaller bug-fixes
  • stable

Track Explorer TAG reading optimized
The Explorer window wasn't so far optimized for folders with a couple of hundred or thousands of entries within one single folder.
This might have resulted in too many parallel TAG reading operations, which could potentially slow down the entire system (too much threads and too much disk I/O).
The TAG reading operation has therefore been limited to max. 2 parallel TAG reading threads. It is therefore possible, that not all TAGs of all files are immediately available. However, selecting a single entry will ensure, that the TAG data of that entry is being read in at that latest moment.

All other items are basically cumulative bug-fixes.

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