v4.0.3.43 - stable

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v4.0.3.43 - stable

Post by radio42 » 28 Jun 2017 21:52

Version is out!

What's New?
  • Autom. Playlist Template (Pre)Generation added
  • Advert: Price per campaign playout added
  • Advert/News 'Show Active Only' filter bug-fix
  • Restriction next n days bug-fixes
  • Indefinite track loading bug-fix
  • Optimized script handling for parallel use
  • New UI lib version bug-fix
  • New Audio lib version
  • Explorer Window EntryStatistic display bug-fix
  • Output Mixer Channel Mono recording bug-fix
  • UNC Path Normalization bug-fix
  • Program Start FixedTimeUpdateSync bug-fix
  • Various smaller optimizations
  • Other smaller bug-fixes
  • stable
A lot of bug-fixes and many smaller optimizations and two main enhancements:

Autom. Playlist Template (Pre)Generation added
By default ProppFrexx renders the playlists through its scripting in real-time when a program is started. This approach has many advantaged. However, there are users who want to generate the playlists in advance, so that they can review or adjust them if needed. This option is now also available...
In the general settings, section 'Folders/Libraries' you can click on the 'Scheduler Automation...' button to define the 'Automatic Playlist Template (Pre)Generation' setting:
(Pre)Generate Playlist Templates X days in advance:
Specifies the number of days a playlist template should be generated in advance automatically. Set to 0 to disable automatic playlist (pre)generation.
If set to a value greater than 0, playlist files are (pre)generated every day at the specified time for the given day in advance (i.e. 1 day it advance means for the next day).
In that case all Program Scheduler entries of that day matching the given criterias are evaluated and according playlist templates are created

Generate Playlists at:
Defines the time (HH:MM) at which the automatic playlist (pre)generation should be executed.

only for Type:
You might limit the automatic playlist template generation to only those Program Scheduler entries matching this Program Type.

only for Program Names starting with:
You might limit the automatic playlist template generation to only those Program Scheduler entries if the Program Name starts with this value.

only for Options:
You might limit the automatic playlist template generation to only those Program Scheduler entries matching this Options.

Resolve Overlays:
If checked, overlay scheduler entries will be resolved to playlists during (pre)generation.
This means, that the resulting playlist template will contain dynamic overlay reference entries. This will allow you to recognize the exact location of the overlay playout and align it e.g. for later voice tracking accordingly. This however also means, that the overlay playout is triggered via the playlist itself and that the DJ might change or even delete those overlays.

Skip Empty:
If this option is checked, and Overlays should be resolved, a check will be carried out to skip 'empty' overlay entries.
Warning: This check is carried out when the playlist is generated based on the current overlay reference data at that time and might NOT reflect the dynamic content as of the target date!

Advert: Price per campaign playout added
So far the price of a campaign was defined by the price per second of the related slot it was played out.
I now also added the capability to define a campaign price per playout directly at the campaign level.

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