Segue loading embedded container

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Segue loading embedded container

Post by kvsteen » 28 Oct 2018 18:33

Hi Bernd,

When an embedded container is playing in eg. player A (containing 2 songs and a jingle in between) and I refresh the segue editor (selecting the playing embedded container and next song) there is this very short silence. This directly implicates the live radio show. I think it's a small loading moment or something like that.

Can you take a look?

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Re: Segue loading embedded container

Post by radio42 » 28 Oct 2018 20:36

Where do you discover this small silence?
I am not really able to reproduce that here. In my test cases the output stays stable and uninterrupted.

However, there might be a multitude of possible reasons, eg.:
- the file are located on slow devices and the I/O sub system is not fast enough (E.g. their are on a NAS or USB device)
- the system is under such heavy load, the the CPU is blocked (slow CPU, too many other apps running, 3rd party VSTs etc. )
- the sound card / driver buffer settings are too tight (E.g. try to increase the buffer settings)

These are just a few examples. So I would need much more info about your system, your environment, your hardware, soundcard, driver model being used etc.

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