Thank you for purchasing ProppFrexx ONAIR

In order to complete the registration process a few steps are required. Please note, that the registration process might take some time in order to complete and validate the payment and to provide you with your keys.

Registration Process

  1. Download and install ProppFrexx ONAIR
  2. Decide what license and edition you need (see here)
  3. Locate the ProppFrexx Ident Number (e.g. in the 'General Settings - Registration Dialog')
  4. Click on the related PURCHASE NOW button, and provide your ProppFrexx Ident-Number (if available, else you need to deliver it later with your registration data)
  5. Complete the PayPal payment process (you will most likely now land here)
  6. Provide us with your registration data in the form below ...
  7. Wait until you receive an email from us containing your serial number, registration key and validation code
  8. Enter this information in the 'General Settings - Registration Dialog' and click on the 'Register' button

ProppFrexx ONAIR runs in Demo-Mode if you do not enter a valid registration key at startup. The Demo-Mode contains all features of the Enterprise-Edition, but has two limitations: 1. a short 2kHz beep sound is played every so often, 2. it terminates automatcially after 3 hours of consecutive use (a manual restart is required to continue).

ProppFrexx ONAIR is licensed not sold. In order to use ProppFrexx ONAIR on a regular basis, you need to purchase a license.
Please carefully read the End User License Agreement before you install the software. By installing the Software and clicking the "Register" button respectively, which is a symbol of your signature, you agree to accept the terms of this License Agreement. Note: By installing the Software AND clicking the "Register" button, you agree to accept, that you are waving ALL of your cancellation and revocation rights. This means, that NO refund of any money (e.g. your paid license fee) is made once you registered the software - that's why you can try it before you buy it.

Submit your Registration Data

In order to issue your serial-number, registration key and validation code, please provide us with the following information by clicking on the 'Request Registration Keys' button (this a manual verification process, so it might take some time to process your request):

Please select the Edition for which you apply the registration key:
     Basic       Premium       Professional       Enterprise 
(to which the license should be issued)
(to register the license and send the keys to)

(as shown within ProppFrexx)
(as provided by PayPal or radio42)

A copy of the registration request will be send to your given mail address.

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