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ProppFrexx ONAIR v3
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Our all-in-one DJ and broadcast automation software.
ProppFrexx ONAIR is the Broadcasting and Playout solution for any small, medium or large terrestrial or web radio station. Beside a well structured user interface it contains all features needed to support your daily workflow.

Version 3 was build up from the ground. Our aim was to deliver a solution which fulfills the following goals:

  • Rock-Solid Operations (24x7)
  • Highest Audio Quality
  • Total Feature Completeness
  • Ease-Of-Use

ProppFrexx ONAIR comes with a fully features scheduler and GUI driven scripting engine, a program as well as overlay scheduler, powerful but simple to use VoiceTracking, a dedicated Media Library Server, multiple freely configurable Cartwalls, a dedicated News and Advertising module, a graphical Segue Editor and many other features.

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ProppFrexx ONAIR Features

ProppFrexx ONAIR is a comprehensive playlist management and broadcasting tool designed for general On-Air operations (live assist and/or automation), may it be for a large terrestrial radio stations or smaller web radio stations or even DJs performing live. ProppFrexx ONAIR is designed to serve you with the highest audio quality for a real 24 by 7 by 365 operations.

The flexible mixer and routing capabilities, the build in streaming functionalities, the ultimate support for almost any audio format as well as features like embedded playlists, true BWF support, multiple cartwalls, Outlook-like scheduler, full meta data (tag data) support, voice over and insert events, fast search and preview of media entries, automatic recording, extensive song history checking, remote control via GPIO, MIDI, Serial-IO, TCP and many more features make this solution the perfect choice.

The sexy but rock solid user interface of ProppFrexx ONAIR makes it even more fun to work with.

The user interface part of ProppFrexx ONAIR is written in C# (based on the .Net Framework v3.5) whereas the underlying and integrated audio engine is written in C++ to guarantee most reliable and stable playout/recording.

The next goal was highest sound quality as well as totally free mixer layout and routing capabilities. It should be possible to use ProppFrexx ONAIR without any external mixer or it should be possible to integrate ProppFrexx ONAIR into any existing studio environment including any remote operations control (e.g. via GPIOs or MIDI).

In addition ProppFrexx ONAIR comes with an integrated user management and access control which allows you to operate it within a multi user environment even on the same machine.

And last but not least ProppFrexx ONAIR should offer all tools which are needed in your daily radio business (e.g. an on air clock, integrated web browser and RSS news feed reader, super fast media explorer and finder, full streaming server support etc.).

So the combination of the audio engine, the playlist management and the scripting and scheduler engine (which also comes with a fully featured advertising management and overlay system) simply should make your life a lot easier.

About ProppFrexx ONAIR

To read more about ProppFrexx ONAIR, about the idea and what it can do for you...

Do you like perfection? We do!

Latest News

Click here to get our latest stable production verison v3.0.15.11.


The latest version now includes full remote control support for the new D&R Airence Mixer (incl. SetLed and SetLedBlink commands).

The latest version now includes full Opus Interactive Audio support (incl. decoding, encoding, streaming and tagging). ProppFrexx ONAIR is again one of the first adopting the new Opus codec.

ProppFrexx ONAIR now fully integrates with the external music scheduler software Music 1. This includes the export for media entries used in ProppFrexx to Music 1 as well as importing the Music 1 scheduler log-files.

Our solution already supports the latest BWF formats including RF64 as well as BEXT and CART chunks.

ProppFrexx ONAIR fully supports the ASIO 2.2 standard as well as all VST 2.4 DSP plugins.

ProppFrexx ONAIR runs on any modern Windows Operating System (XP, Vista, Windows 7/8 - both 32-bit and 64-bit). In addition we fully leverage the latest Multi-Core CPUs!

ProppFrexx ONAIR comes with two build-in Outlook-like schedulers which makes it easy to run your program fully automated to the second (seperate Program and Overlay/Advert schedulers).

ProppFrexx ONAIR comes with integrated streaming support for SHOUTcast (v1 and v2!), ICEcast and Windows Media Server (push and pull).

A graphical Segue-Editor makes it easy to define your mix and track inserts (voice overs). Instant playlist Voice-Tracking is also fully supported incl. ACPD and Track-Attenuation.

The list of build-in features is long. Click here to get an overview...


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ProppFrexx ONAIR: The all-in-one radio automation system for playlist management, broadcast automation and live-assist operations.