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by Richard
20 Aug 2019 18:25
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Topic: USB stick registration
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Re: USB stick registration

Hi, i have a question, i want to bay a license for proppfrexx for a community radio station as i understand the key license is ID hardware basest on moorderboord. As the pc moderboord is broken and i want transfer it to a new pc morderboord, how is that going to hapen for the key licens to transfer ...
by Richard
02 May 2014 14:23
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Topic: Format planner + Music (media) library
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Format planner + Music (media) library

Hello, I am new here and i am strokeling on the follow 2 things. 1 A good and easy format planner, keep it simple for every person see picture. Not every person gan simple ussing scripts, more easyer interface wold be nice. Source ( radio DJ And exsample yo...