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v3.0.13.11 - stable

Posted: 03 Apr 2014 00:43
by radio42
Version is out!

What's New:
  • New control-commands added
  • MediaLibraryServer now displays background tasks
  • Conditional Program (Script) execution added
  • Memory-Leak issue with the new TaskbarAssistant fixed
  • Various smaller optimizations
  • Other smaller bug-fixes
  • stable

New control-commands added
Various new control-commands for remote accessing the SegueEditor and InstantRecording have been added.
See User Manual for details (IR_* and SEGUE_* commands).

MediaLibraryServer now displays background tasks
The Media Library Server now better displays ongoing background tasks (like TAG reading or Lib rescanning) much better.
This on the first overview tab as well as on the media lib tab.
In addition there is now also an 'Auto Start# option added.

Conditional Program (Script) execution added
You can now define an optional 'Condition' with a program scheduler entry. This allows you to define an alternative 'script' to use, if a certain parameter matches a certain criterion condition.
Note: The condition is effectively only used when a program is automatically started by the scheduler!

The 'Criterion Conditions' are explained in the appendix of the User Manual but are basically these:
StartsWith(value) : check if the parameter starts with a certain value.
EndsWith(value) : checks if the parameter ends with a certain value.
Contains(value) : check if the parameter contains a certain value.
Substring(start, length, value) : checks if a substring parameter equals a certain value.
InList(val1;val2;...) : checks if the parameter is within a list of values.
Equals(value) : checks the parameter for equality against the value.
Greater(value) : checks if the parameter is greater than a certain value.
GreaterEq(value) : checks if the parameter is greater or equal than a certain value.
Less(value) : checks if the parameter is less than a certain value.
LessEq(value) : checks if the parameter is less or equal than a certain value.
Exists() : checks the filename parameter exists physically on the file system.

The 'Parameter' is the one to compare with the condition and might contain (or simply be) any of the available macros.
And finally you specify an alternative 'Script' to use, if the 'Parameter' meets the 'Condition'.

Example 1:
Parameter : C:\test${start_MM}${start_dd}.txt
Condition : Exists()
New Script: Script2
-> the parameter denotes a filename whose macros are resolved according to program being started and is then checked if physically existing. if the file exists 'Script2' is used.

Example 2:
Parameter : ${VAR:MyState}
Condition : Equals(ON)
New Script: Script2
-> the parameter will be replaced by the content of the specific name (MyState, see the command EXEC_VAR_SET to define a named variable). If the content is equal to the value ON then 'Script2' is used.

Re: v3.0.13.11 - stable

Posted: 02 Dec 2020 20:01
by RonJV
I am trying to implement a scheduler script based on the Condition options available.
At the start of the scheduler time slot I would like to first check if the DJ is live. If yes stop the automation for that time slot. If no live DJ, play a new recorded show with a specific file name and file location for that time slot. If that file does not exist, play an archived show using a filename in a different location.
Do I need to stack (script that runs another script) two "If Then Else" scripts to accomplish this decision making?
I also noted the AutoPlay condition at the bottom of the "if Then Else" script Condition setup. Can this be used in my scenario? As I understand it the AutoPlay condition being false would shut off the autoplay mode. If auto mode were off, would this allow for a live DJ preempt the schedule for that scheduler time slot?
I would like to test the script "condition" execution using a test bit. I am fairly new to Proppfrexx and I see the EXEC_VAR_SET command to establish a variable. But I am not sure where to properly run this command to define the variable as well as where and how to set the value of the variable.

Re: v3.0.13.11 - stable

Posted: 02 Dec 2020 20:42
by radio42
V3 is End-of-Life since many years!
There is no support and maintenance anymore!

Please use the new v4 instead.

Re: v3.0.13.11 - stable

Posted: 03 Dec 2020 14:25
by RonJV
Sorry, I am using version 4. I replied to your post because it included details on script conditions.
I will start a new post with the same question.