End-of-Life for Windows XP

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End-of-Life for Windows XP

Post by radio42 » 09 Apr 2014 19:34

Hi All,

you might have noticed, that Microsoft yesterday stopped the support for Windows XP!
Meaning XP came to its end of life.

I know, that there are still a few users out there using XP - and ProppFrexx in general still supports Windows XP.

But I guess in a few months it might be time to say goodbye.
So this is just an informal notice, that ProppFrexx will also stop the support for Windows XP in a few months (in around 3).
This should give you enough time to migrate to Win7 or Win8 or higher.
Note, that you might need new registration keys (as the Ident-Number might change with a new OS version), in such case please contact me directly.

I'd suggest NOT to use Windows Vista as this version is in general not really good when it comes to real-time audio.

Also take a look at this post:

Many trouble can be avoided, if you make sure, that your system is capable and ready for real-time audio processing!

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