v4.0.2.8 - stable

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v4.0.2.8 - stable

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Version is out!

What's New?
  • New 'Alternative Location Mapping' option added
  • New 'Try Resolve Broken Entry by Name' option added
  • New 'ToolTip show after X sec.' option added
  • Full .pfc support added (ProppFrexx Cue-Sheet)
  • Various smaller optimizations
  • Other smaller bug-fixes
  • stable

New 'Alternative Location Mapping' option added
This is a high availability feature. So far, you could have used the Media Library Server and the ability to specify an alternative server in case the primary goes offline. However, in case you are using pre-prepared or imported playlists, this wouldn't work, as in these cases the Media Library Server is not even used. In these cases this new feature comes in handy:
The new 'Alternative Location Mapping' option (see general settings, section Folders/Libraries) let's you specify a mapping of file and folder location entries (resp. it's starting part).
In a mapping table you can specify alternative file location mappings in order to implement fallback or backup locations for your audio files. These might be used, in case a playlist entry is broken. A playlist entry is considered broken, if the related file link (path) is unavailable.
If a broken entry is detected, the fully qualified location of it (the full filename) is checked against all alternative mappings. If the full filename starts with a given 'OLD-Location' it will be replaced by the 'NEW-Location'. In case the mapped full filename is now accessible it will be used instead. Else the next mapping location will be tried.

Example 1:
\\PF-SERVER1\ -> \\PF-SERVER1bk\
This mapping entry might (in case the path '\\PF-SERVER1\' is unavailable relocate it to '\\PF-SERVER1bk\').

Example 2:
G:\My Music\Public\ -> H:\Music\Backup\
This mapping entry might (in case the path 'G:\My Music\Public\' is unavailable relocate it to 'H:\Music\Backup\').

The location mapping might take place for playlist entries, overlay entries and cartwall entries (the cartwall lib might need to be reloaded).

New 'Try Resolve Broken Entry by Name' option added
This options allows you to try to automatically correct broken playlist entries (whenever a track is added to a playlist) by searching the file link (path) via its filename (not including any path) within all your remote media libraries.
For example: In case you main file server is broken and as such all your default file paths become invalid. This option now allows you to find the correct file location by searching all your remote media libraries by the given file name.
Note that only remote media library servers are scanned and only the filename (without any path information) is used to find a track! E.g. if the filenames are not unique, an incorrect track might be resolved. So use this option with care!
Note: If this option is checked, loading/adding of tracks to a playlist might take significantly longer in case of broken entries are found.

New 'ToolTip show after X sec.' option added
You might now specify the time in seconds to wait before the tool tips should actually be displayed as well as the time the tool tips should then be visible.

Full .pfc support added (ProppFrexx Cue-Sheet)
The 'Automatic Recording CueSheet (.pfc) option' has already been added in v3. You can now however also convert the .pfc format to a regular .cue cue sheet file by using the "pfconv.exe" tool (the ProppFrexx Playlist Format Converter).

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