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v4.2.6.0-.3 - stable

Posted: 05 Sep 2021 18:13
by radio42
Version - .3 is out!

What's New?
  • new UI lib update, bug-fixes
  • new Audio lib update
  • News can now be played by News-Group (plays all News in that Group)
  • News now have a Priority as well as Start-/EndDate
  • new Ramp/Outro Duration added to Script-Filter
  • MultiSelect (mass changes) Edit mode fixed in Tagger and Playlist
  • Multiple Styles edit fixed in Tag Editor
  • various optimizations and smaller bug-fixes
  • stable

Re: v4.2.6.0-.3 - stable

Posted: 21 Sep 2021 07:24
by Radiofreak
Where can i found “news group”?

Re: v4.2.6.0-.3 - stable

Posted: 21 Sep 2021 07:56
by radio42
On the Advert and News Management. You define the Group when you edit the News. All News with the same Group value belong together and are displayed accordingly in the News tree.