v3.0.11.20 - stable

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v3.0.11.20 - stable

Post by radio42 » 16 Nov 2012 23:59

Version is out!

What's New?
  • Media-Type Colors enhanced
  • Command-Line option 'globalconfig' added
  • Overlay 'Supress Filter' added
  • Overlay 'ApplySupressFilter' added
  • Various other optimizations
  • Other smaller bug-fixes
  • stable

Media-Type Colors enhanced
Media type colors can now also be set for placeholders and embedded containers.

Command-Line option 'globalconfig' added
A new global command-line option "-globalconfig <path>" has been added.
Note: you must add this option to your command-line argumant when starting ProppFrexx ONAIR in order to be effective.

This option defines the location (relative to the executable location or as an absolute path) to certain global configuration files. Namely:
  • Additional Media Libraries (file ProppFrexx ONAIR.medialibs)
  • Additional Cardwall Libraries (file ProppFrexx ONAIR.cardwalllibs)
  • Additional Script Libraries (file ProppFrexx ONAIR.scriptlibs)
  • Global Message Center Messages (file ProppFrexx ONAIR.messages)
  • Mixing configuration (file ProppFrexx ONAIR.mixing)
By default ProppFrexx ONAIR stores the above mentioned configuration files in the standard configuration directory (which might be either the default Application User Data Folder or the configuration directory as defined by the "-config" command-line option, see above).
By using this command-line option you can enforce ProppFrexx ONAIR to retrieve and store the above mentioned configuration files at the given path location. This might for example be useful, if you want to share a global and common configuration of your libraries and mixing settings for different ProppFrexx instances (e.g. installed on different machines within a network) at a single central location.
When doing so, be careful with making changes to these global config files, as different ProppFrexx instances might overwrite each others changes. To prevent such scenario, make sure to use a single dedicated ProppFrexx instance for making changes to your library collection (add or remove libraries) and for making changes to your mixing settings.

Overlay 'Supress Filter' added / Overlay 'ApplySupressFilter' added
The general settings dialogs (section Scripts/Scheduler) now contains a new 'Supress Filter' option for the Overlay Management.
Here you can select all the event types which should be ejected/supressed within the current playlist when an overlay is about to start.
This allows you to prevent, that these media types are played either directly before or after the overlay.
Note: This function is only in effect, if an Overlay has the 'ApplySupressFilter' option set (which was also added as a new option in the Overlay Editor) as well as the 'Suspend Program' setting!

If enabled the Overlay-Player will eject any track matching the defined supress filter media types which are currently loaded to any (not playing) DJ Players. This effectively happens two times:
a) once the Overlay is shown (and waiting) - to eject upcomming tracks before the overlay starts to play
b) once the Overlay started its playout - to eject subsequent tracks following the overlay playout

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Re: v3.0.11.20 - stable

Post by djgait » 20 Nov 2012 20:07

Yes Yes Yes!

My wish has been granted!!!

Great work Bernd!

I'm gonna test it as soon as I can!

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