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Problem uploading voicetracks

Posted: 11 Dec 2017 17:18
by sbourghardt
Yesterday we started having problems uploading voicetracks to our enterprise server. We download the remote voicetrack just as usual, record as we use to do. But when we are about to upload something heappends. We enter our password as usual and click next, and when we come to the screen which use to say ”Uploading X of Y...”. It just flashes by and nothing gets uploaded.

We are running the latest version of windows 10 with the latest version of Proppfrexx Enterprise on both our server and in the studio. We have checked with a network technician and there is nothing wrong with our network. We have restarted PF and the computer several times.

Re: Problem uploading voicetracks

Posted: 11 Dec 2017 17:28
by radio42
Well, something must have changed, when it was running good before?!
I am also not aware of any issues reported by any other user (and there are quite a lot of RVT users).

Maybe you can enable the 'Debug Logging' temporarily (see the general settings, section 'More Stuff') and see, if that reveals anything?
The Tools ribbon tab contains a 'Show Log Files...' button to view the generated Debug_ ...log file.
Make sure to disable the option once tested.
Check this maybe on both the client and the server...

Re: Problem uploading voicetracks

Posted: 11 Dec 2017 17:56
by sbourghardt
I get this message in the debug-logfile in the studio:

2017-12-11 17:52:15: RemoteUploadWizard: UploadFile failed TimeSpan does not accept floating point Not-a-Number values.

Re: Problem uploading voicetracks

Posted: 11 Dec 2017 19:24
by radio42
Can you please post the full debug log and indicate, if that is from the server or the client side.
Please also indicate which exact version you are using on the client side as well as on the server side.

Re: Problem uploading voicetracks

Posted: 11 Dec 2017 19:53
by sbourghardt
This is on the client side. PF version:

Debug-log from client: ... 1.log?dl=0

The version on the server is:

Re: Problem uploading voicetracks

Posted: 11 Dec 2017 23:05
by radio42
There are a lot of File IO exceptions, it looks, like almost all the local (client files) could not be accessed and/or saved, eg. they are write protected or you don't have sufficient rights to access the file or any other application is blocking its access. Maybe they are also locked or still opened by another application?
This is not only true for the RVT'ed playlist files, but also to all other files.
So there must be a severe issue on your client machine - fort example look at this error:

2017-12-11 17:51:52: MediaLibraryFile C:\Users\Studio1\AppData\Roaming\radio42\ProppFrexx ONAIR\4.0\plstmp\20171212_1200\20171212_1200.pfp: Save-Error: System.IO.IOException: Det gick inte att ta bort filen som ska ersättas.

It simply indicates, that the given playlist file cannot be saved and accessed - and hence you can also not upload it...
I cannot tell what issue you have on your system, so I assume you need some kind of system admin looking at your hard disk.

Re: Problem uploading voicetracks

Posted: 13 Dec 2017 11:21
by sbourghardt
I installed Proppfrexx on another hard disk and now it works fine again. I will try to format our C-drive, and if the issue continues, change it.