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Re: RSS FEED Program setup??

Posted: 12 Jul 2021 16:49
by ketofm
I just did one News just like you told me and i have 6 more news to do from VOA, IFR ... with RSS feed and with Live IP Shoutcast ... address

Thank you
PS i still need help on my Axia GPIO setup let me know ... he still did not e-mail me back

Re: RSS FEED Program setup??

Posted: 15 Jul 2021 18:16
by ketofm
Screenshot (20).jpg
I have this news, I did just like you told me

Screenshot (21).jpg
But its not paling inside the program playlist

open its on playlist and its not stopping it loops never go back to my 24/7 playlist

how can i do this so the news come at 4PM its 1hr than go back to the show which is the program was on the air when it comes at
Screenshot (23).jpg
i like the RSS feed to play only at 4PM a day
go back to my program
how to stop it from looping...?

Re: RSS FEED Program setup??

Posted: 15 Jul 2021 22:25
by radio42
The name of the partner is Per Cramer and he has send you a mail, as I was on CC and saw it. Maybe you again did not receive any email, as you also did not receive various of my mails?! So you really need to check with your mail provider what the problem is and solve it.

You again did not specify any time limit with your URL (just as I told you).
Plus as explained in my tutorial videos, a program script loops as long as it runs, and until a new program starts.
In your screenshot I can see, that
a) no new program follows after your ‘Democracy Now 4’ (see what I explained before, because that is the main reason!)
b) you did not specified a time limit for the LoadTrack (see my other posts in which I explained it!)
c) the script only has one script-line, so that line will of course loop until a new script is started (else specify more than one script-line, but set the LoopLine parameter to 2!, just as explained in the tutorial videos)
But you really need to define a subsequent program to end the current one!
d) in your playlist the time it is 10:14:00h - so of course your scheduled program at 16:01:00 is not shown yet.

Again, a program script will always loop until it ends. And it only ends, when the next program starts. Ie. by default the EndTime of a program is ignored! The start of a new program will end the previous program.

To me it seems, that you really needs some help and training, so why don’t you write an email to Per Cramer (put me on CC) - I have send you his mail. This way you are sure he receives your mail.

Please try the following- else:
1) Change your script accordingly- add a 2nd script-line, eg. Random, Music and set the LineLine parameter to 2

2) Add another Program entry after the existing one to start at 17:01:00 Fixed and use a different script with that program

3) now wait until 16:01:00 and the Democratic Now 4 should start and play

4) and at 17:01:00 this additional program should than start…

Re: RSS FEED Program setup??

Posted: 15 Jul 2021 22:59
by ketofm
Thak you

I did e-mail him he did e-mail me back but he ask high $$$

Re: RSS FEED Program setup??

Posted: 16 Jul 2021 06:14
by ketofm
ketofm wrote: 15 Jul 2021 22:59 Thak you

I did e-mail him he did e-mail me back but he ask high $$$
Yes I real do need one that's why i ask you last time

when we buy your software we dont know, like some companies the first 2 week month's they give some training...

I even Upgraded pay still need help :) that show i still like to use PrpppFrexx
Screenshot (25).jpg
even my Axia with GPIO livewire i still need help not even setup to make my DJ so cool :)

Re: RSS FEED Program setup??

Posted: 17 Jul 2021 13:54
by ketofm
Screenshot (26).jpg
What is that? next to Auto Play... i se playlis. program..
how can i use that for?

Re: RSS FEED Program setup??

Posted: 18 Jul 2021 18:53
by radio42
Those options might be used, if you want to manually run a certain program resp. script without running it via the scheduler. Else you won’t need it.

I am sorry, that personal training, setup etc. will cost money. I do know the prices (also from Per), but they are still very fair and absolutely not expensive; eg. they are a fraction of how much an Axia console costs!
And yes, professional service is not for free.
I don’t even know any other software which offers that kind of help in a forum like this - for free!

Re: RSS FEED Program setup??

Posted: 19 Jul 2021 08:16
by ketofm
Thank you

Axia console costs!??? we got it for Donations :)
I did send him for 2hrs pay still not heard from him