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Posted: 28 Jun 2019 10:56
by Frans
Hello Bernd,

I have updated into V4.1.0.1.

I am since then experiencing problems with voicetracking.
Playlist -> Push Voictracking (microphone).
Sometimes the voicetrack screen opens and works as usual. But after some voictracks the voicetrackscreen freezes while opening. The only option then is to reboot Proppfrexx.
I have tested this with and without my (external) sound card, but there is no difference in the freezing problem.

So, can you look into this, please.

Another question: when upgrading Proppfrexx makes a backup of the older version, I think. Where is the backup saved?
Thanks in advance.



Re: Voicetrack

Posted: 28 Jun 2019 11:13
by radio42
It is saved under the 'Previous Version' folder in your install directory.
Unfortunately I cannot reproduce your issue.
The screenshot looks like a graphics issue.
Maybe you also had another update of a driver in the same time - have you already tried rebooting your machine?

Re: Voicetrack

Posted: 02 Jul 2019 08:11
by radio42
Any News?