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Change track covers

Post by Tintin513 » 30 Aug 2019 07:57

Hi there!

I am having issues when changing the tracks covers.
Most of them are ok, and I can change them by either double-clicking on the track from the scheduler and editing, or by searching it in the directory explorer and then edit.

BUT it looks like for a few of the tracks I add (and they're really random) I can't change the covers.
It LOOKS like it's changed (I can see the right cover in the little image down-left on the scheduler for ex) but right after the track has been played, the cover just go back to what it was before I changed it.

Anybody ever had this issue?
thanks :)

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Re: Change track covers

Post by radio42 » 30 Aug 2019 08:39

This sounds like the album cover art can not be saved to the physical audio file.
If that is the case, in almost all cases so far, the TAG structure of the file is corrupt and thus the TAG structure cannot be changed, which results in the inability to save to cover art.

The only other possibility would be, that the file is still currently in use by any other player within ProppFrexx or another application outside of ProppFrexx and as such is write-protected. But I assume, that this is not the case in your situation.

You can send me an audio file as an example to take a look at...

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