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some unexpected moves after RVT

Posted: 29 Jun 2020 08:42
by moogwill
Hi Bernd, strange issue this morning, the morning show was recorded earlier axactely as usual, but for the first time using the last update; and some strange moves happened in the playlist. i used to record a first VT beetween the last track of the hour and three genrated hooks, then a second VT beetween the hooks and a locally imported TOPTH jingle. a third short VT is placed beetween this jingle and the news generated from a script, and there is the issue, the News blocks are moving in the playlist could it be a change in the update???

update: note that some of my generated hooks also disapeared from the playist!


Re: some unexpected moves after RVT

Posted: 29 Jun 2020 15:53
by radio42
There was no change made in the latest version with respect to RVT - so I assume, that the issue must have a different root course.

Can you explain where the 'moves' happened? Only on the remote client or only on the server side when you uploaded the final playlist from the client to the server?
How have you implemented the News block? Is this a resolved Overlay or FTE? Or are you using TUS?

As the playlist (after you uploaded it to the server) is available on both side (server and client) - you might compare the local and remote version to see, if there are any differences?!

But RVT would never remove hooks automatically - so there must have been something else gone wrong? New file or folder mappings maybe - so that certain tracks couldn't be found anymore?

Re: some unexpected moves after RVT

Posted: 02 Jul 2020 07:08
by moogwill
Hi again, don't now if it gots anything related, but I did the new update (on local side) and since then, no issues anymore...

Re: some unexpected moves after RVT

Posted: 02 Jul 2020 07:43
by radio42
Yes, it might be.
In the latest version only one new feature was added and this was the ability to resolve audio content within RSS Feed URLs - as such, a very small and isolated change at a single location.
This change couldn’t have affected any RVT.
Which almost proves, that the root cause of the previous issues must have been somewhere outside of ProppFrexx. Maybe the remote or server playlist somehow was manually overwritten by accident?!

But thanks for the info and I am glad, that all is working fine again.