Two programs playing at the same time

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Re: Two programs playing at the same time

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Thank you very much for asking ! This problem did not happen again the 18th and 25th after the update :)
but another problem happened exactly at the same hour :(

The file that has to be played became "corrupted" and had many glitches... that sounds like small "fast-forwards" all the long, the 60 minutes file was so shortened to 53 at the end, around 7 minutes were "lost"/"fast forwarded".

I would guess in first place that it could be an ftp upload issue that corrupted the file (because the played file was remotely sent to the computer were PF is installed) but we send files this way for years without problem like this... (maybe the law of large numbers ^^)

There is two stranges facts that makes me wonder if PF could have accessed and maybe corrupted(?) the file :

- It happened exactly at the day and time we had the "2 programs playing at the same time" problem
- The file has BPM information written on its tag and it had not if before the upload.

My question is so :

- Can PF modify an audio file before/during playing it (ie when detecting BPM or writing the waveform)?
- Did a bug already happen where PF would have corrupted an audio file by... i don't know playing, tagging or auto-wacthing it (sorry for the offense^^ i need to exclude this possibility) ?

Thank you a lot for your help !

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Re: Two programs playing at the same time

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So far, I have not heard of any incident, where ProppFrexx ever corrupted a file.
But have you validated, if the file is really corrupt?! I.e. have you tried to open the same file now and does it still play badly/too-fast? Or does it now play fine?
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Re: Two programs playing at the same time

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Yes of course I did, the problem is in the file after the upload, I can hear it with no doubt with differents audio players.The file is perfect before the upload. The file is 60 minutes long but the small glitches make it read in 53 minutes, like if the player skipped some small missing parts (so strange!)
The audio log from PF makes me hear that PF played til its end for 53 min. It was confusing in the beginning because after the 53 minutes, PF played the default playlist and it was hard to understand why !

I noticed too while it was playing that PF was in trouble to create the waveform of the file.

So I think we can conclude the corruption came from the file transfer and it is just a coincidence that it happened at this moment but I wanted to ask you to be sure (because our goal is to avoid that it happens again).

Thank you very much !

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