Format planner + Music (media) library

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Format planner + Music (media) library

Post by Richard » 02 May 2014 14:23


I am new here and i am strokeling on the follow 2 things.

1 A good and easy format planner, keep it simple for every person see picture. Not every person gan simple ussing scripts, more easyer interface wold be nice. Source ( radio DJ

And exsample you gan select song type for last play, most played ect. And you gan give song titels perioty system points.

2 And yease use interface music library see as you useing this software for party setup lay out ( is easy for smal pakket to sell). See screenshot BPM studio audio (source
So as you open the music library that you gan scrol on the titels and drag and drop them in the play list, as you now work with the exsploror it thake a long time to load al the tag also and the systeem have problems with that. look at the syteem of BPM Studio audio you gan work easly with map structure. and load al the titels in the database as normaly.

The rest of the program is very good and the new lay out is very gool and handy.
I have also worket with pc radio software systeems ( ... xpress-75/) and was missing this 2 futers.

Hope this gan put in the new software update.

Gr Richard.
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Re: Format planner + Music (media) library

Post by radio42 » 02 May 2014 15:06

to 1) There are currently no plans to change the current 'Script' logic, as it is very powerful and also very easy.
Note, that it is not a 'Script', like in SAM or anything, it is fully UI based.
I also believe, that not 'everyone' should make changes to the system.
Also note, that the concept is a bit different that other system.
ProppFrexx is using multiple different Media Libs to categorize things...for the rest you have even more flexible script-line rules, like explained here:

So I am not sure what you are missing here? Can you please clarify..., as the options and possibilities within ProppFrexx are much greater than within RadioDJ!

to 2) you can already change the layout of your playlists and DJ PLayers a lot etc. see the Full-Layout!
However, doing Radio or DJing on a party are different things. And I do not want to compete with e.g. Traktor or Serato!

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Re: Format planner + Music (media) library

Post by Magnussen83 » 28 Sep 2014 20:37

Music Planner

Due to some major demands from some of our large customers, we need more talented music planners connected to our house.

Who we are:

We are one of the leading suppliers in Scandinavia of music concepts and sound brands to the commercial market. Since 2005, we have served a variety of international brands to strengthen their brand position and sales through various unique sound concepts and Sound brand identities.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for tenacious enthusiasts to plan new music catalogues to our existing and new customers.

The work consists in the identification of new music in different music genres such as: Singer-Songwriter, Soft Pop, Acoustic Pop, Traditional Pop, Traditional New-Orleans Jazz and Swing.

The search is based on specific defined Audio DNA that describe the musical characteristics.

We expect you to be a skilled listener and can find the music that match a specific sound-DNA, and we expect you to know the most common music search services and is structured, independent and reliable in your work.


You will help us to shape our musical orientation on the Danish and foreign market, and can influence how we define our clients' musical profile. You will be part of an innovative company that characterizes development in the commercial market.

Wages and conditions:

Performance pay in accordance with Danish legislation.
The pay band will be negotiated separately.

If you are interested:

We looking forward to hearing from you if you think that the above appeals to you and you have the qualifications we seek.

Please contact Mathias Magnussen mail:

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