ProppFrexx with Pc Radio kind of countdown clock

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ProppFrexx with Pc Radio kind of countdown clock

Post by AladnaFm »

Hello Bernd,

In Pc Radio (software) they have a countdown clock in the right side of the screen looking like this:
teller%20pc%20radio__1421147967_86_89_2_48.jpg (30.2 KiB) Viewed 3933 times
The clock showing countdown till commercials and news block, current time track and current time.

Is it possible to integrate this on the 'homeview' of ProppFrexx, for example here:
pf%20overview__1421148392_86_89_2_48.jpg (104.47 KiB) Viewed 3933 times
Or maybe as a stand alone version? Or that we could retrieve the commercial calculations from a file or so, so we could link it to a external program??

Greetz Jesper
Aladna Fm
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Re: ProppFrexx with Pc Radio kind of countdown clock

Post by radio42 »

Please take a look to the Timecode window as well as to the OnAir clock window.
In addition the playlist contains a timecode bar directly underneath the players.
All of the above show:
- the current time (OnAir Clock window)
- the time to the next element, e.g. next program or next overlay (Playlist Timecode Bar resp. Timecode Window)
- remaining time of the current player (DJ Player, Playlist Timecode Bar and Timecode Window)

So I am not sure what you are actually missing...

In addition you can use the TCP/IP interface from an external application (see here for details: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=12)
E.g. use the following commands to request the info:
Please see the user manual appendix for details...
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Re: ProppFrexx with Pc Radio kind of countdown clock

Post by percramer »

Hi Bernd,

i have been in contact with Patrick from AladnaFM about this, i will mail you (or maybe phone your) to explain a bit further what they mean.



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