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CasparCG & PF

Posted: 23 Nov 2017 11:52
by moogwill
Still trying to use a bit of video in our Radio. I know there's no way to integrate video file from inside PF, but could PF use CASPARCG server?
Free Software using a client (not necessary) and a server (I seen many different application that manage this server).

Re: CasparCG & PF

Posted: 23 Nov 2017 12:19
by radio42
As far as I can see is the server also only accessing local files and then processing them thru its mixer and video renderer/mixer - so I am not sure what ProppFrexx should do with the Caspar CG server? There is no API to pull audio from it...

Re: CasparCG & PF

Posted: 23 Nov 2017 15:27
by moogwill
I can get back the audio from mixer or soundcard but that's all I'm just able to run manual operations.
not compltely in fact, with airence i Can start a file from a switch using keystrokes d&r app on another computer rendering the video

what I'd like to do is to automate some video rendering, and try to get a minimum control from inside PF.

I can understand this is a very specific request, but, I'm probably not the only one that try to upgrade to visual radio.
Of course, If you think that needs a too specific dedicated devellopement maybe it needs a little chat about what it would cost
but As i seen some people easily using the CasparCG server side for their own needs, it must be possible.


Re: CasparCG & PF

Posted: 23 Nov 2017 15:48
by radio42
ProppFrexx has full integration with the D&R Airence and also supports any HotKey mapping.
But, there is also a 3rd party solution for remote video synchronization together with ProppFrexx.
Please write to: Per Cramer : p.cramer (@)


Re: CasparCG & PF

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 08:25
by RadioMaxDK
Thomas, it sounds like an interesting project. Please write if you find out a clever solution or post a demo link :-)

Re: CasparCG & PF

Posted: 30 Nov 2017 10:06
by moogwill

At this time I'm waiting for more informations about the ropesolutions system, what I allready learned is that they also use CasparCG to integrate a video sync solution. that means I was on the right way with thix idea.
About Visual radio with Proppfrexx, I must say that PF is really interesting cause you can manage and remote pretty everything using midi or tcp. the only missing thing is video rendering... hope I'll find a solution.

Re: CasparCG & PF

Posted: 08 Dec 2017 13:47
by percramer
Hi Thomas,

well that about casper cq is partially correct. Our own videoserver runs casper, but we can also control blackmagic mixers directly, vmix and open broadcast studio. But our software is part of a larger package with does more then only sync video. It also functions as camera switcher and some other game functionalities. So you can't just get the video sync part as a standalone package.


Rope Solutions / OnAIR Tools

Re: CasparCG & PF

Posted: 10 Dec 2017 00:29
by DennisdeWit
You’ll have to fiddle with vMix, a DB and ProppFrexx. Every radio automation that has an HTTP logger supports visual radio.

It will be up to you to design and program it the way it will work for you. I am using an other radio automation and it fully works. All my clips and songs are sync.

Why I’m on the ProppFrexx forum? Because I work for a local radiostation that runs into problems with PF from time to time. I want to stay updated on what problems there are and which solutions have been offered. I am a PF power user. More than any other DJ at the station. For that reason, I run into more problems than my colleagues.

Back to the topic:
- HTTP Requests
- vMix
- DB

I wish you good luck. Please do not contact me for writing or sharing scripts with you. It costed me half a year to design a working system. I CAN arrange a video for you that will proof it is working.

Re: CasparCG & PF

Posted: 10 Dec 2017 13:06
by DennisdeWit
Hi Bernd,

I work for HavenstadFM as a dj. I experience problems especially with the GPIO Client. However, it’s not my problem to take care of. These problems have been business of the HavenstadFM account on this forum.

In the past I had problems with the Mix Editor and some random freezes. Jack (HavenstadFM) took care of them.

Thing is: me and my brother are the only DJ’s putting ProppFrexx to a test. We fully use the MixEditor and make mixes using embedded containers (due to the lack of a third player in our setup, not your fault). All the other DJ’s make their mixes with Adobe Audition, so they run into less problems.

I am on this forum to read about updates on the problem mentioned above. It’s just me and my curious mind. :-))

Re: CasparCG & PF

Posted: 10 Dec 2017 13:39
by radio42
Well, it seems, that the current GPIO issue they have is due to an issue in their network. As it works perfectly fine for any other users.
Well, and mix issues are also not known to me, but probably they have already been solved for a long time.