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Post by Soessafaria »

when I select a weekje recurrence of an overlay I can select which days it will recur.
I would like a similar function for the daily recurrence to select at which hours it will recur. For instance I would like the traffic to play daily at 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17 o'clock.

Would that be possible?
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Re: Recurrence

Post by radio42 »

As this is 'recurrence' function is unfortunately a build function of a UI component I am using, I have no influence on this.
So for different hourly recurrences, you simply need to copy and double the overlay.
In your case actually 12.
...typically overlays are used for Advert-Slots and with Adverts it is actually recommended to to separate then into individual insances, as otherwise you can not really assign different adds at different times!
Same for Top-of-the-Hour Jingles - you maybe want to define them differently, e.g. use different Jingles for different time, like 'good morning', 'good afternoon'...

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