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RDS - To text file

Posted: 25 Feb 2013 22:02
by grebda
Hi Brend,

I question whether you do not make the names of songs that go to the server and give the "nowonair.txt" so that it could then put on FTP, and from there on the web?

RDS = To text file = "Nowonair.txt" - > FTP - > WEBSITE

Thank you

Re: RDS - To text file

Posted: 26 Feb 2013 19:06
by radio42
You can use a system event to fire a control-command to do this.
Open the general settings and go to the 'Events/Commands' section.
In the tree on the right select and expand the "Playlist" node.
There you'll find the "OnTrackPlay" event, which is being raised everytime a playlist window starts playing a new track. To this 'OnTrackPlay' event should already be a control-command "EXEC_WRITE_PLAYLIST_LOG ${yyyy}${MM}${dd}_${plsname}" being assigned.
Alternatively you might also use the "Streaming.OnSongTitleChanged" event.

Click to the text and you'll see an 'Edit' button - click on that to open the Control-Command-Builder, which allows you define additional commands to be executed with that event.
The control-command you might use to write a 'NowPlaying' text file is "EXEC_WRITE_FILE" - see the user manual appendix for a complete list of available commands and their syntax.
E.g. specify something like this: "EXEC_WRITE_FILE c:\nowplaying.txt|nd|${trackname}"

In addition you might use the "EXEC_UPLOAD_FILE" control-command to upload that local file to the web.

Re: RDS - To text file

Posted: 29 Mar 2013 16:56
by DennisdeWit
Yep, and if you want to put it on your website directly, you might want to use NetDrive. It gives you the opportunity to connect to your FTP server, and map it as a network drive. So you can use Bernd's script and use X: instead of C:.