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Ad management

Posted: 18 Aug 2014 21:08
by bschelst
After being in a long hibernate mode with regards to proppfrexx, I restart my testing again since last weekend.
The only thing what is still left , is the advertisements.
In the 'script', I start with 'top on hour' jingle, then 'Advert' type, specifying the slot name.
In ad management I specified the slot for having (for example) 8 runs. (playouts per recurrence).
But how do I continue now?
When I check 'slot availability', I don't see any slots per day. While I specified 8.
When I select "test advert" slot, I don't see anything, as this requires an overlay.
Guess I'm missing something here :)


Re: Ad management

Posted: 19 Aug 2014 17:31
by bschelst
Hi Bernd,

The partners, assigned tracks were done alread..
But the problem is that you are mentioning "overlays".
But as I'm using script, with a line 'advert', I'm not using an overlay (as far as I understand).
So in my normal program schedule, I have (for example) a program scheduled for exactly 1 hour.
That program starts a script. This scripts starts with a time signal (loadtrack), then a jingle (loadtrack), then the commercials (Advert), then the songs.
The advert entry then points to the slot created in the advert management.
But when checking slot availability, I'm still getting nothing. (see screenshot)

I'm really sorry if I'm asking stupid questions.

Re: Ad management

Posted: 19 Aug 2014 18:06
by radio42
You can assign a campaign to either slot(s) or overlays.
So in your case you need to assign the campaign to your advert slots, have you done that?

Re: Ad management

Posted: 19 Aug 2014 20:07
by radio42
Of course you need to create 'Partners' (which are the companies booking an advert campaign with you).
Then underneath each 'Partner' you need to create the advert 'Campaigns' and assign advert 'Tracks' to the campaign.
Finally you have (hopefully) many campaigns to advertise...
However as a final step you need to tell the system which campaigns to play when!
This is done by assigning the 'Campaign' to the 'Advert Slots' resp. 'Overlays'.
Note, that there are several ways of assigning a Campaign to a 'Slot' or 'Overlay'.
Make a right-click on a campaign to see the options...

Once you assigned a campaign to a slot or overlay you'll see them in the 2 items you mentioned above.

Here are some more links for your reference: