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osc message

Post by workino » 28 Sep 2014 16:47

Hello Bernd,
i'm plaing with osc server but i stucked on one point.
i have created onoutputfader this rule EXEC_SEND_OSC /mixer/output/${mixerid}|f:${mixervolume}
but on remote i received only this message /mixer/output/3 without any value. is it normal or i'm making some kind of mistake?

Best regards

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Re: osc message

Post by radio42 » 28 Sep 2014 18:05

What OSC server are you using? And how do you test things?
Why do you exactly know or belivieve, that your server doesn't receive the float value?!

Testing it here with TouchOSC it works perfectly fine.
Maybe your OSC server does not understand float parameter - or your OSC control with the name '/mixer/output/3' doesn't allow float value?!

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