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hooks & scripts

Post by bschelst » 27 Dec 2014 18:04


Based on the following page on the old forum: http://www.proppfrexx.radio42.com/myBB/ ... d-558.html
it is possible to make use of 'hooks',in order to achieve this: "(In this hour you will hear songs like: Song 1 (break) Song2 (and) song 3, song 4, Stay tuned at http://www.myradiostation.com or contact me at info@radiostation.com for you favorite song)"
This works, no problem with this.
But what if you are working with scripts, where the hour is filled by data chosen by proppfrexx? Can you do the same based on a script?

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Re: hooks & scripts

Post by radio42 » 27 Dec 2014 20:04

That feature (create Hook-Container) is normally used by people who do prepare and schedule their playlists in advance.
Thus they basically schedule playlists by a script using the 'LoadPlaylist' script-line mode.
As such (when preparing) playlists in advance it is easy and simple o create hook containers and do some voice-over; like you explained above.
Same goes for people doing a live moderation (live-assist mode)...

But I guess you mean it in a fully automated fashion without any user interaction just by using a script?...I am afraid no, this isn't currently fully possible.
The main reason is, that when using a script there are only X number of tracks scheduled in advance in real-time (X is a number according to the scheduler 'Look Ahead' option as defined in the general setting, e.g. 3 tracks in advance are scheduled). Plus you typically do that in a previous hour for tracks coming up in the next program (e.g. in front of an hourly commercial break).
As such, the full hour is not planned in advance and those tracks are not scheduled yet!
Thus a script can not know in advance, what tracks another script might (randomly) pick...
Plus it would require you to define HOOK cue-points for really EACH and EVERY track in your lib...


...what you might do is the following:
Define a dedicated script, which might contain the following script-lines:
1. LoadTrack, C:\...\opener.mp3, Count=1, Option=SuppressHistoryCheck, SuppressAddHistory (to play an opener, e.g. "We play tracks like..."
2. Random, HeavyRotationLib, Count=1, Option=UseHookCuePoints, SuppressHistoryCheck, SuppressAddHistory
3. Random, HeavyRotationLib, Count=1, Option=UseHookCuePoints, SuppressHistoryCheck, SuppressAddHistory
4. LoadTrack, C:\...\closer.mp3, Count=1, Option=SuppressHistoryCheck, SuppressAddHistory (to play a closer, e.g. "Stay tuned..."
Let's call this script "HotRotationHooks".

In your effective program script you might then use the following script-line:
- Execute, HotRotationHooks, Count=4, Option=ResetScriptPointer

This script-line above will then schedule 4 tracks by executing the HotRotationHooks script and result in at least 4 tracks (note that this reflects the above number of script-lines).
This of course will not create a hook-container using exactly those tracks being played in your hour...but...
If you have a heavy rotation media lib using in your program, that you at least get tracks reflecting your station sound.

As said, I am not sure, if anything better will really be possible due to the above way ProppFrexx is working.
It would ONLY be possible, if your playlists are pre-prepared and thus all future (upcoming) tracks are known in advance!

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Re: hooks & scripts

Post by bschelst » 30 Dec 2014 18:34

tnx for confirming

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