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Command for jingle

Posted: 04 Jul 2012 08:59
by Farbo
Is it possible to have one jingle track with command that would stop stream server after it is stopped or reaches next cue point? This would be usefull for example when using icecastĀ“s autoDJ feature, i.e. local moderator finishes with last jingle and then stream server stops and icecastĀ“s autoDJ feature will overtake.

Re: Command for jingle

Posted: 04 Jul 2012 21:06
by radio42
Yes, you might assign control-commands directly to a Track.
Make sure to save those meta data to either the TAG data or a dedictaed .pfmd file.

The control-command to assign would be e.g. "STREAMING_SERVER_STOP_ALL" or "STREAMING_SERVER_STOP" (see user manual for details).

There are two options to assign control-commands to a media entry (track):

1) General Track Control-Commands Events (i.e. 'On Track Loaded', 'On Track Played' and 'On Track Stopped').
In your case I guess the 'On Track Stopped' might be used.
See 'Track Settings' - 'Track Control-Command Events...' to assign them.

2) Track Position Events:
See e.g. 'TAG Editor' - 'Event Data'; make a right-click in the event table and select 'Add Execute Command Event...'.
An execute command track event is related to a certain position within the track at which the command should be triggered.