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hi all

Posted: 13 Jul 2012 09:42
by JakIe
fist time user so hi there im using onair but have some problem.
Cant gat sound on server out on to listeners when they click on player it conect start but no sound what to do pleas.

Re: hi all

Posted: 13 Jul 2012 20:52
by radio42
What is your exact setup within ProppFrexx?

a) Have you defined a Streaming Server within ProppFrexx?
If yes, is that started and connected?
And what server are you using (SHOUTcast v1, v2, ICEcast...)?
And how is your Streaming Server configuration looking like in ProppFrexx?

b) What Mixer-Channel are you using as the 'Source' for your Streaming Server within ProppFrexx?
And are you playing stuff on that mixer-channel?

c) You say, that the listeners could not connect?
So maybe the problem is not on the ProppFrexx side, but on the server side?

Re: hi all

Posted: 21 Jul 2012 23:43
by radio42
Any news on this one or should I close this issue?