Force Mono WSAPI / wdm?

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Re: Force Mono WSAPI / wdm?

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Bernd, I resolved to using ASIO. So don't bend over to do something you think would please me. Explaining why it does not do as I expected was all the help I really needed. That's why I posted this under "questions" and not under "bugs".

What I learned?
1. The mono-checkbox with WSAPI is not going to work. Ever.
2. WDM-mono is only going to work with one device.
3. Use ASIO, if possible.

So for all that it is worth: The whole issue is no longer relevant to me. I am using ASIO-drivers and I am fine with that. Perhaps you should consider adding some text-help pointing out what you explained to me. Having this information in advance would have spared me from a lot of headache.
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Re: Force Mono WSAPI / wdm?

Post by radio42 »

In v3.0.11.9 you are now able to define a Processing-Mode for Mixer-Input-Channels (beside the standard Mono config option).

In the context menu of a mixer-input-channel you'll now find a 'Processing' mode sub-menu in which you can set the processing signal mode to:
Stereo: Default processing
Mono Standard: The incomming audio signal is converted to Mono (= Left+Right / 2)
Mono Left: The incomming audio signal is converted to LeftMono (= Left / 2)
Mono Right: The incomming audio signal is converted to RightMono (= Right / 2)

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