Routing a playlist to concrete channel

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Re: Routing a playlist to concrete channel

Post by Farbo » 14 Apr 2012 09:56

Bernd, I do not know what I did but now when setting individual DJ Player to plsay in PFL and when playing it is not working. :-( Normally autosend button of my music channel is turned off when using normal PFL player. But if I want to play whole playlist in PFL channel autosend is not turned off. I have to do it manually.

Hm, other strange thing is going on with PFL and autosend:

1. I turned off autosend of music channel which is sent with autosend to PFL
2. open new playlist and load some tracks
3. click on track and PFL
4. autosend is turned on and turned off so I hear a very short part of track that is being played in music channel
5. when I close PFL autosend is automatically turned on even when I turned it off manually.

Could you perhaps change behaviour of autosend button so when user turns it off manually so he/she does not want autosend to be used at all at the moment and want to create another playlist, voicetracks, etc. and after finishing work on that playlist (voicetracks, PFL mixing or anything else) autosend button should not be turned on automatically.

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Re: Routing a playlist to concrete channel

Post by radio42 » 14 Apr 2012 12:25

'AutoSND at NoPFL' wouldn't be effected with the DJ PLayers (even when those DJ Players are routed to your logical PFL output-mixer-channel)!
The 'AutoSND at NoPFL' is only used with the real PFL Player (and QuickMonitor-Player resp. the Segue-Editor), but NOT with the DJ Players of course.
So yes, you would have to do that manually in your case.
This is by design and should not be changed.

The other behaviour is also normal.
When you exlicitly defined 'AutoSND at NoPFL', then it would of course automatically turn 'SND' On and Off, depending wether you have the PFL Player open or not. This is actually what the 'AutoSND at NoPFL' is all about.
This function of course doesn't know if you turned 'SND' manually On or Off beforehand.

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