Level of Integration with Analog Console

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Level of Integration with Analog Console

Post by radio42 » 12 Apr 2012 20:37

Integrating ProppFrexx ONAIR with an analog mixer shouldn't be a problem at all.
You whatsoever still need one or more multi-channel soundcard(s) attched to your PC whose outputs are simply connected to the mixers input channels - that's it.
Actually within ProppFrexx ONAIR there is no specific code for digital and/or analog consoles.
So you can basically see ProppFrexx ONAIR as your main playout system - whatever is connected after.

It is a little different though when it comes to 'connecting' GPIO interfaces, e.g. for Fade-Start/-Stop functionalities etc.
Here most analog consols doesn't come with any standard interfaces (like e.g. MIDI).
But mostly they support (to some extend) so called 'contact closure' or 'pulse trigger' GPIOs.

In those cases a bit of brazing and soldering might be required, as a PC does not understand an analog pulse trigger signal. A PC can only understand digital protocols (like e.g. MIDI etc.).

ProppFrexx supports the following two interface cards for 'contact closure/pulse trigger' GPIOs:
- Velleman K8055 interface board (click here for details)
- IO-Warrior 24/40/56 interface board (click here for details)
In addition you might use an interface card which 'translates' any 'contact closure/pulse trigger' GPIO to MIDI events, like these:
- Doepfer Universal MIDI interface card (click here for details)
- Universal MIDI Solution boards (click here for details)
- Infusion Systems microSystem MIDI boards (click here for details)

For digital mixing consoles this is actually not much different. They might also either off one of the already supported ProppFrexx interfaces (like MIDI, TCP, Serial-IO, GamePort, Keyboard etc.) or they might be connected via one of the above ('contact closure/pulse trigger' GPIOs).

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