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USB stick registration

Posted: 30 Apr 2019 23:48
by AFM-Radio
Hi Bernd,
I have a question about licenses.
We have 4 radio DJs in our daily programming.
All 4 we want to buy them a license to use proppfrexx at home and to be able to use remote voice tracking.

I have read that there is also a possibility to register via usb. So a nice solution would be to purchase 4 licenses. Register 1 license per usb stick and distribute it among the 4 DJs?

How does something like that work? Do you have to register on the PC that you will eventually use? Or can we create the usb stick registrations via our Proppfrexx main system?
And what if a radio DJ decides to stop and we find another DJ who also wants remote voice tracking at home, can he use the USB license of the DJ who has stopped?

With best regards

Re: USB stick registration

Posted: 01 May 2019 10:26
by radio42
The USB-Registration is intended for backup PCs, ie. the systems must be almost identical (exact same OS version) to generate the same Ident-Number for the same USB-Stick.
Theoretically you can use/share the same USB-Stick - but it must be preset all the time into the PC to work.

When your DJs all work for you, they all should normally need an independent and individual license.
If a DJ quits, you can of course transfer that license to another/new DJ - e.g. if they use a normal registration, that registration can be revoked and transferred to another PC.

Re: USB stick registration

Posted: 01 May 2019 10:57
by AFM-Radio
Hi Bernd,
so if I understand correctly, we also can register 4 licenses in the normal way with the radio DJs at their homes?
And if, for example, a DJ stops, can that license be transferred to the other system of the new DJ?
I assume we will have to contact you for the transfer of the license?

Re: USB stick registration

Posted: 01 May 2019 13:28
by radio42
Yes, all fully correct!

Re: USB stick registration

Posted: 20 Aug 2019 18:25
by Richard
Hi, i have a question, i want to bay a license for proppfrexx for a community radio station as i understand the key license is ID hardware basest on moorderboord. As the pc moderboord is broken and i want transfer it to a new pc morderboord, how is that going to hapen for the key licens to transfer it to the new pc?

Re: USB stick registration

Posted: 20 Aug 2019 19:04
by radio42
Just email me your old registration data plus your new ProppFrexx Ident-Number of the new PC and your existing license will be transferred.