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Overlayschedelu in remote voicetracking playlist

Posted: 22 Aug 2019 16:46
by westendradio
Dear forum members, I have a small problem. When I do remote voice tracking, proppfrexx neatly downloads a list from the main studio. However, proppfrexx sets the overlay schedule at the top of the playlist, with the result that I hear the news twice on the hour. 1 time via the overlay schedule and 1 time via the remote playlist which he immediately plays to the news. Can I solve this so that there is no overlay in the playlist.

Re: Overlayschedelu in remote voicetracking playlist

Posted: 22 Aug 2019 21:35
by radio42
How have you scheduled the relatd Program Sceduler entry as well as the related Overlay Scheduler entry?
I.e. it might just be a timing issue. Let me try to explain...

When an Overlay is about to be started (and shown), it checks, if the current playlist or any other scheduled and open playlist contains an 'embedded overlay container'. An 'embedded overlay container' is for example a playlist item whoch references and plays a related overlay. When you perform a remote voice tracking, you typically resolve the overlays as 'embedded overlay containers' into the playlist.
As such, you upcomming next playlist should actually contain an 'embedded overlay container' and as such, a regular overlay should 'normally' be suppressed.

The question is now the timing. As said, when the Overlay is shown, it checks any open playlist for embedded overlay container.
It might now be the case, that the Overlay is scheduled to be shown much in advance to the related program scheduler entry. As a result, the check for embedded overlay containers is performed at a time, when the next program doesn't already load the related playlist in advance. And as such, the overlay check is carried out to much in advance and couldn't detect the upcomming embedded overlay containers.

To resolve this issue, make sure, that the related program entry is shown in advance to the related overlay scheduler entry. I.e. check the 'Show in Advance' time of both the program and overlay and make sure, that the program is shown in advance, i.e. that the program's 'Show in Advance' time is bigger than the one for the Overlay.
Example: Set the
- 'Show in Advance' time for the Program to : 70 sec.
- 'Show in Advance' time for the Overlay to : 60 sec.

Re: Overlayschedelu in remote voicetracking playlist

Posted: 23 Aug 2019 11:58
by westendradio
Thank you for answering, I will try.

Re: Overlayschedelu in remote voicetracking playlist

Posted: 28 Aug 2019 15:27
by westendradio
Just a response to your reply. The problem was indeed that the scheduler was on screen earlier than the playlist was. I have now turned the times around, so first show the playlist and then show the schedule 10 seconds later.