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F.T.E. example help

Posted: 10 Sep 2019 18:24
by jsonio

I would like to have your confirmation about my setting.

I have a FTE, soft playing at hh:15min:00sec

I want allow it to start :
- only at the end of a song, i don't want the song to be faded out early
- only 2 minutes max in advance
- only 'til 4 minutes late
- after 4 minutes, the FTE has to be skipped

Can you confirm the good parameter for this behaviour is :

Max delay : 0
Max early : 120
Max late : 0
Max remaining : 240

Thank you a lot.. in advance (max. early : 120),


Re: F.T.E. example help

Posted: 10 Sep 2019 23:11
by radio42
CORRECTED - please see my new post below...

Re: F.T.E. example help

Posted: 11 Sep 2019 12:32
by radio42
Yes, your settings look correct!

Start Type: Soft
This enables the subsequent options.

Max. Remaining: 240
This setting will skip the FTE, if the remaining time of the current track is greater that 4 minutes; i.e. if the FTE would start later than 4 min.

Maximum Delay: 0
Disable this option and always play the track til its ends. (the Max. Remaining option is evaluated before!)

Max. Early: 120
Defines how early a track can start, in this case 2 min.

Max. Late: 0
If this value is set to 0 and the Maximum Delay is set to 0 we also always let the current track play til its end.
If this value is greater than 0, the FTE starts at latest this number of seconds late.