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Reports for legal purposes

Posted: 13 Apr 2012 11:48
by Farbo

is it possible to get on quarterly basis report containing the following items?


Re: Reports for legal purposes

Posted: 13 Apr 2012 12:25
by radio42
You might also use the 'Global Logging' option in order to do so, which can be defined in the general setting, section 'Logging'.
This allows you to already define a global log file path and the 'format' for each log file line!

Simply adjust the 'Log File Entry' field with the relevant track macros you need to log to the file.
Make sure to place the ${CRLF} macro at the end to write a line-feed after each entry!
The existing field already contains a default string containing almost all relevant track macros - so just remove the ones you don't need.

In addition you might specify some options for the global logging:
Don't log if shorter: specify the minimum effective playtime for entries to be logged (0=log any)
Exclude: allows you to exclude certain media entry types from being logged
Expand: defines, if embedded containers should be expanded, so that their contained entries are logges as well
Keep: allows you to define the number of days after which old log files should be deleted

NOTE: Global log entries are NOT written automatically! They are ONLY written, with the related "EXEC_WRITE_GLOBAL_LOG" control-command!
This means you must call this control-command manually, i.e. with a global system event.
I'd recommend using either the "Playlist.OnTrackPlayed" or "Streaming.OnSongTitleChanged" event to do so (go to the general settings, section 'Events/Commands').
The control-command would then look like this:

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<filename> : specify the filename (without any path) of the log file to use (e.g. use macros to define a dynamic name based on the actual date)
E.g. use:

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to create a log file on a monthly bases (the extension .log is added automatically).

Or, you can configure these things yourself - again using a control-command.
E.g. you might use the global event "Playlist.OnTrackPlayed" or "Streaming.OnSongTitleChanged" (go to the general settings, section 'Events/Commands').
To these events you might assign the following control-command:

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EXEC_WRITE_FILE <filename>|<mode>|<content>
<filename> : specify the fully qualified filename (including the path) of the log file to use (e.g. use macros to define a dynamic name based on the actual date)
<mode> : aa=Append-ASCII, au=Append-UTF8, ah=Append-HTTP, ad=Append-Default or na=New-ASCII, nu=New-UTF8, nh=New-HTTP, nd=New-Default
<content> : defines the actual text string to write/append to the file (e.g. use macros to define the dynamic content, like above!)

E.g. in your case I would use the following:
<filename> : C:\logs\${yyyy}${MM}.csv
<mode> : au
<content> : "${isrc}", "${trackname}", "${duration}", "${composer}", "${lyricist}", "${publisher}", "${producer}", "${year}", "${artist}"${CRLF}

Re: Reports for legal purposes

Posted: 13 Apr 2012 16:27
by Farbo
Thank you Bernd. Can all this be logged also on quarterly base so I do not have to merge each day┬┤s log files? I mean if PF would create 1 big file from which I can take out only data according to date the track was played.

Re: Reports for legal purposes

Posted: 13 Apr 2012 16:30
by radio42
No, the granularity is either:
Year, Month or Day - according to the available date/time macros.

When using the the above given filename macro "${yyyy}${MM}" this would be one file per month (and not per day).

Re: Reports for legal purposes

Posted: 13 Apr 2012 19:54
by Farbo
Great. Thank you for info. Which of the logs goes into playback history? Or are logs and playback history independent?

What exact logs files are used for playback history? Is it possible to have:

1. log file from which I will export just music tracks to web (last played) and this will be used for example also for those legal purposes. But as you proposed this log should be filled only when stream is online.
2. log file containing only music tracks indepedently of condition whether stream is online or offline
2. log file which will contain everything played in PF, i.e. not only music tracks (this could be seen in playback history) independently of condition whether stream is online or offline

Re: Reports for legal purposes

Posted: 13 Apr 2012 23:11
by radio42
Yes, Logs and the Playback History are totally independent.

As explained above, the Logs are 'only' written with the resp. "EXEC_WRITE_GLOBAL_LOG" or "EXEC_WRITE_PLAYLIST_LOG" control-commands.
As such it is up to you when and how you call those control-commands.
E.g. if you only want to write them, when a streaming server is actually started/connected - you might encolse them in a conditional control-command "EXEC_COMMAND2", e.g. like this:

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EXEC_COMMAND2 ${streamingisanyconnected}|Equals(1)|EXEC_WRITE_GLOBAL_LOG ${yyyy}${MM}
The Playback History is maintained internally and is updated with its own settings (see general settings, section 'More Stuff' - here you can also define media type filters) when ever something is played via a Playlist-Player or Standby-Player (if configured). As such the Playback History is not updated from e.g. Cardwalls or Overlay Players.

Note, the macros which might be used with the "EXEC_WRITE_PLAYLISTFILE" (as explained here: ... php?tid=72) are using the entries from the Playback Histrory.