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Re: Script editor for Top 40

Posted: 06 Apr 2020 16:46
by radio42
This way doesn’t reset the pointers as well !

So try it my way and you’ll see that it works fine.
Ie. create a scheduled playlist as if you would do normally. Assign the script to the program and let it run. The 2nd time it runs, it will start the lib from start again when using the recommended settings.

Another way of testing your script is the following:
- Open a new and empty playlist window (click on the New ribbon tab button)
- click into the combo box (next to AutoPlay) which indicates '<Playlist>' and select '<Program>' instead.
- in the upcoming dialog, select 'Script' and choose your script name from the combo box and hit OK
- don't start AutoPlay when asked
This now generate the first playlist entries as if started from a program - and you should notice your first tracks as from your Top40 lib.
You can now close this playlist window and repeat again and create again a new playlist window....
You should see the same tracks repeatedly.

Re: Script editor for Top 40

Posted: 08 Jul 2020 14:55
by ketofm
I'm new hear

Is there a way you can post the screenshot for some of us who are new?

I like to do is play my sweeper at the starting of my track, to add Jingle/Sweeper at the staring of the track to add a sweeper for all playlist i play.

i have 4 playlist and i have 45 tracks, i have 6 sweepers and 2 ID

to save time i like the add the sweepers and to play auto at the staring for all tracks when i'm not home

Thank you

Re: Script editor for Top 40

Posted: 08 Jul 2020 22:00
by radio42
As I already eMail you:
Various Options:
a) create a script with altering script-lines (one picking from your playlist; one picking from your Jingle or Sweeper media lib)
Note, that scripts are looped, if more tracks are requested and all script-lines are used, it starts at the Loop Line again.
b) Use the ‘Jingle’ option in the script headers, click on the ‘?’ icon a the top right to get more help.
This inserts randomly every X to Y tracks autom. a jingle, also every 1 to 1 track is possible
c) Or see her: ... p?f=9&t=38
d) Automatic Sweepers (track insert transitions) are possible by clicking on the flash icon in the script-line in column Options

For automatic sweepers (track insert transitions) with a script-line, please see here: ... ion#p10802

Re: Script editor for Top 40

Posted: 09 Jul 2020 14:56
by ketofm
Thank you radio42

i read your e-mail and i see your post here
Just like i told you and i did post it here (i'm new)

You told me to do this and that
like, "a) create a script with altering script-lines,"... you just say that where do i find to create a script? i dont even know where i just pay and got your propfrexx just a week a go, all new for me :) when you help some of us are new. You have to show us like a screenshot so, we can find it

like, you say d) Automatic Sweepers (track insert transitions) are possible by clicking on the flash icon ( where is that?0 clicking flash icon? how do i know where? send me screenshot

AND, where do i save my sweepers/Jingle or Station ID track?
its been only one week for me
Thank you

Re: Script editor for Top 40

Posted: 09 Jul 2020 16:16
by radio42
As said, there are various tutorial videos to watch, see here: ... f=5&t=1018
Especially watch Tutorial 5, 6 and 7.
I know, that you already said, that you would like to have much smaller videos (only for exactly the need you would like to see/covered).
But I can/will not provide those special videos (I can't even produce thousands of video of all possible user scenarios), as I wanted to cover more aspects in one video and just watching those is fair I would say.
And yes, without any support contract you should use the user forum here - for mail support a support contract is needed.
However, even a little search in the forum will reveal many user cases and examples incl. many screenshots.

And the last post I referred to in my answer (automatic sweepers) already contained the screenshots you asked for!
Maybe you didn't read that linked post?

Re: Script editor for Top 40

Posted: 09 Jul 2020 17:43
by ketofm
ok i give up for now i'll go back to my video tutorial and RadioDJ for now

Re: Script editor for Top 40

Posted: 09 Jul 2020 23:17
by radio42
See the tutorial videos to get a greater understanding...
Use the Scheduler ribbon tab and the Library button...
1. Create one Media Lib (e.g. a folder based, e.g. C:\PF\Music) which is then in the image below shown as /Music
2. Create one Cartwall Lib (e.g. a folder based, e.g. C:\PF\Jingles) which is then in the image below shown as /Jingles
3. Then create a script like shown in the picture below and create two script-lines as shown.
Click for the first line on the flash icon in the options column; and specify the options as shown in the picture...
Top40 AutoSweeper.jpg
4. Finally you can create a recurring program entry in the Program Scheduler (use the Schedulers button in the same ribbon to open the Program Scheduler) and use the script you just created in step 3.
E.g. let this program run all day and set the Recurrence to Daily, every 1 day.
Make sure to set the Option: ForceLateStartBeginning
Like shown here:
Top40 Program.jpg
To start or stop the Scheduler click on the 'Run Scheduler' ribbon button... done.

Re: Script editor for Top 40

Posted: 10 Jul 2020 02:53
by ketofm
Thank you this is cool
This so helpful

Re: Script editor for Top 40

Posted: 16 Jul 2020 08:24
by ketofm
Hello i did the way you told me but still did not work out for me the sweeper play by itself

But, when i do CRTL+R on playlist entry to a Sweeper it work, but i have a long playlist for the day i can't do CRTL+R for all Mp3 on playlist

is there a way i can do auto play sweeper 1st than my song/mp3 for every song when it lode in to A B C ?

Re: Script editor for Top 40

Posted: 16 Jul 2020 10:19
by radio42
Have you set all cue-points within your audio tracks? I.e. the cue-in and ramp cue-points?
If not, than the transition type given in the example might not work. In that case you can try a different transition type, e.g. the one you are using in the transition dialog when you press CTRL+R.
Eg. try StartWithCueInOrEndWithRampOfNextTrack.