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Store Playlist backtiming > Start with in playlist

Post by franksiegers »

Hi Bernd,

Thanks for your all your help so far!

I'm having some problems creating a playlist for a non-stop music chart. I manually create a playlist with 40 songs and need some help from ProppFrexx with the timing: I would like to use this playlist to manually start/mix the songs and record 4 half hour MP3's.

I set the "Start with" to 18:02:00 to calculate how much time I have after news and commercials. Can this time be stored in the playlist?

Also, do you have some general advise with regards to timing? With 40 songs for 2 hours, I usually have 4 songs too much and probably need to completely skip like 4 songs around numbers 19, 20, 21, 22. Can PFOA help me in easily creating 4 half our playlist from around 28 minutes to manually work with?

Hope this makes sense ;-)


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Re: Store Playlist backtiming > Start with in playlist

Post by radio42 »

In your Program Entry Settings you can set an option ‘TryEnsureExactLength’. Suppose you define 4 programs for each half hour with the exact given target length - then you might pre-generate a playlist out of it which will match your target length.
Note, that your media libs must be large enough to allow picking the target tracks, as only for the last tracks of a playlist a track with matching durations will be used. Thus it is a try and not a guarantee.
Professionals typically adjust this with proper Voice Tracks or Jingles manually.

In addition does a playlist contain the exact playtime and duration of the tracks in the playlist. Ie. If your playlist should last exactly 28 Minutes, you can directly see at which track this duration is exceeded resp. reached. Thus there is no real need to explicitly set the start time of the playlist.

A saved playlist never contains a given start time, as it might run at anytime.
So I am afraid you need to specify your target time each time manually- but as this is only needed during manually editing if the playlist and as this is quickly done, I guess it is not really problematic.

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