encoder on 2nd pc

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encoder on 2nd pc

Post by Radiofreak » 09 May 2020 16:49

I like to use the main PC with PF without a internet connection. So the playout goes to a second pc with encoder. Is this possible and how to do this with metadata.

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Re: encoder on 2nd pc

Post by radio42 » 09 May 2020 17:25

You would need a physical or virtual cable to the second PC. Meta data is not transmitted of course.
But you might update the streaming server from your main PC. See the streaming server configuration (click on the ‚?‘ icon at the very top right for help)!
Enable the ‚Force Update‘ option and specify all other server data, but do not enable the ‘Connect at Startup’ option. This updates the servers meta data even without streaming content to it.

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