Jingle Tagging

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dj wildboy
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Jingle Tagging

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I have a script that runs at noon and at night. In the script header I have defined a folder with jingles that are inserted every few lines. So far great. I would like this to be played in the night rotation of Jingle like "with radio xy through the night" during the day the jingle should not be played. I entered in the Tageditor under "other" not Picking when 05: 00-22: 00. I also created a ruleset at 10 p.m. - 5 a.m. neither works. the jingle is always selected at noon. I also checked only one of the two options to set, did nothing. What am I doing wrong? . Metatype is "Jingle"
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Re: Jingle Tagging

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The easiest way is to define two scripts.
One using a cartwall lib with day jingles.
And another script using a lib with night jingles only.

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