Track insert attenuation

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Track insert attenuation

Post by franksiegers » 22 May 2020 21:02

Hi all (Bernd),

I regularly use Alt-drag to add a sweeper as track insert to a track. The edit special element windows opens with a default attenuation of -12 dB. Is there a way to change this default to 0 or disable the attenuation?

BTW: I noticed Alt-drag does work when I add a sweeper from one of the find windows, but not when the sweeper is already in the playlist (added by script) and I like to move it from "standalone" to "track-insert". Is this by design?



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Re: Track insert attenuation

Post by radio42 » 22 May 2020 21:46

Yes, general settings, section Mixing/Fading - click on the 'Attenuation Settings...' button.

Yes, this is currently by design (I might check, if I change this- not sure yet) - but you can use the CRTL+R combo to convert a playlist entry to a Sweeper (using your default Sweeper Mode - see general settings section Mixing/Fading).

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