How to tackle latency?

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How to tackle latency?

Post by SiriusRadio » 24 May 2020 11:16


PF 4 and D&R Airlite setting.
I do however have some real latency issue. Everytime i get suprized that there is more than 500 ms delay and maybe more.
I sue the USB from the D&R, can this be the suspect? And id so, is there a way to fix it within PF?

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Re: How to tackle latency?

Post by radio42 » 24 May 2020 12:20

This can not only be, but is the issue.

D&R unfortunately doesn’t come with any professional or low latency drivers for his USB sound card.
You might try to reduce the (default) buffer in the related mixer channel configuration dialog (double-click on the mixer channel name to open it, and make sure you have selected the WASAPI driver model for all mixer channels using the D&R).
Click on the ‘?’ Icon at the top right of the dialog to get more help about the options.

For WASAPI you might try a Buffer of 300ms and an update period of 30 ms (maybe buffer even lower, e.g. 200ms - depending on your PC).

Alternative you might also try
When using Asio4All, you would need to also switch all mixer channels using the D&R to the ASIO driver model.
Make sure not to mix ASIO and WASAPI, e.g. only use either of.

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