How to download older version?

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How to download older version?

Post by franksiegers » 07 Jun 2020 16:18

Hi Bernd,

Earlier this week I've downloaded the first version which included the "PFL double click for carts". Since then, PFOA repeatedly freezes: the UI gets unresponsive and it stops responding to GPIO-commands. I need to close the program through Windows Task Manager.

Today I've downloaded the second release for "PFL double click for carts", and when recording my show, PFOA hanged again. So, now I would like to go back 2 versions (to the last known stable version), to see if that is still stable or something else is wrong with my PC.

However, the Program Files folder "Previous version" now contains a version which also appears to be unstable. Is there some way to download an older version?



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Re: How to download older version?

Post by radio42 » 07 Jun 2020 18:50

I doubt, that those issues are related to a new ProppFrexx issue, as only the double-click cartwall issue was changed.
To check the root, please check the following:
a) Locate the file called "Error.log" in your ProppFrexx AppDataUser folder (%appdata%/radio42/ProppFrexx ONAIR/4.0)
and check, if there are any errors in it related to your issues and the time it occurred
If there is nothing logged in that file (which I believe), it is related to a system issue - so see b)

b) Open the Event Viewer of Windows to inspect any Windows Application Event Log messages.
Each freeze or crash of an application will be logged here.

If even nothing was logged in the Windows Application Event Log, you should check your hardware.

However, a previous version might be downloaded here: ...

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