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Save Meta Data File

Posted: 11 Jul 2020 12:43
by Steve FamilyRadio

We are having issues with saving taggs in proppfrexx tagger.
When we open tagger we set the in / ramp / out and save meta data tag.
When we refresh the folder and load up the track again, the in / ramp / out are not saved.
When we save the tags as Save Meta Data File and refresh the folder, and open it up again it does work and recognize the tags that we have set.

We have tried this on 2 other computers with proppfrexx installed, and on only one of them we can save the tags in the file.
On the 2 other pc's we are not able to do this, and need to work with the Save Meta Data file.
There are no restrictions on reading/writing rights on the folders/files.

We are using ProppFrexx version with .net version 4.8 on windows 10 pc's.

We would love to save the tags in the mp3's and not as a seperate file.
Do you have any idea what could go wrong?

Re: Save Meta Data File

Posted: 11 Jul 2020 12:57
by radio42
Maybe you don't have the right/permission/access to save it on the other PCs- hard to say from here!
I just checked it here on three of my test PCs and it is working perfectly fine (like on your 3rd PC), so it cannot be an issue of the ProppFrexx Tagger application, but must be somehow specific to the other PCs - but as said, hard to say what is failing.