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Posted: 24 Jul 2020 10:49
by Regulate

Any idea why he's not taking this one?

Re: {Var:${cartid}}

Posted: 24 Jul 2020 11:30
by radio42
Because the syntax is completely wrong.
Don’t know what you want to achieve, but the pure macro is just used like this: ${cartid}

Take a look to the Appendix of the User Manual for all available macros and its use.

The ${VAR:name} macro is used for user defined variables.

Re: {Var:${cartid}}

Posted: 24 Jul 2020 11:33
by Regulate
i wanna use a variable in a variable. I made a variable using exec_variable_set. No i wanna call that variable with another variable. so ${Var:${cartid}}. which would mean for me get variable with the name of the cartid number. I hope i explain this well.

Re: {Var:${cartid}}

Posted: 24 Jul 2020 13:12
by radio42
That doesn’t make sense. And you need to be exact with the syntax and exact command names...
If you want to set a user variable with the value of a macro you can use:
EXEC_VAR_SET myvar|${cartid}

If you then want to retrieve that user variable value back, you use:

A variable in a variable doesn’t exist; nor does the ProppFrexx syntax support pointers or alike. But that is also not even needed.