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DJ player don't work

Posted: 01 Aug 2020 08:28
by Sjeek

After I added a extra sound card and installed and works fine with proppfrexx.
When i shutdown my pc en a few hours later i started it up then my dj players won't work anymore.
When I put a song into the dj player, he don,t start playing, I removed the new soundkaart, but this was noat a solution.
I looked in/output in the general settings, this is also good.
the pfl and standbye players works fine.

someone who has a suggestiion what it could be?

Kind regards, Sjaak

Re: DJ player don't work

Posted: 01 Aug 2020 10:55
by radio42
This is probably due to the changes mixer setup. You probably routed the DJPlayers to a mixer output channel who is unable to play anymore.
So please double check that mixer output channel(s) configurations, ie. it’s related device selection!
Also make sure, that the selected output device is not already used by another mixer output.
Also note, that it might be necessary to rescan your soundcards devices - see the general settings Input/Output section and click on the ‚Rescan‘ Button before you do the above (or simply restart PF to have the devices being rescanned)!