Execute script without loop

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Execute script without loop

Post by jsonio »


I've kinda stupid question !
I would like my really simple script to just load one random track from Mylibrary and that's it.
I wrote one line in my script for that but the script loops this line 1.

How can I execute script without looping the lines, executing just one time the line 1? :(
I tried LOOP LINE 2 but when I click on "TEST" it has no effect on it.

Thank you very much in advance,

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Re: Execute script without loop

Post by radio42 »

I don't understand the background of your question?!
i.e. What do you want to achieve (I know just execute the script without looping, but for what reason and in which context)?

A script is normally used and assigned to a program scheduler entry. Thus, here it doesn't make any sense to execute it without looping, but to return only 1 single track.
Example: You have a program, that is defined to run for certain time span (e.g. 1 full hour or even only 15 minutes). If you would return only 1 track, the rest would result in silence.

However, there are other scenarios, where ProppFrexx could use a script and indeed only runs it without looping.
- when using a script as an Fixed Time Element
- when using a script to play an Overlay
- when using a script inside an Embedded Container
- when using a script inside another script (Execute)

That is why I am asking about the context and the reasoning?!
Where do you want to use it without looping?

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